XChange Help

XChange launched 3rd September

We are super excited about the kick off to Xchange. We want you to be armed with the knowledge you need to get the most from this platform so here is our official How To...

Check it out. Also there will be a video available on the website once we launch if you want a step by step approach.

This marketplace allows you to build your business both locally and globally, consider the world as your oyster. It is often risky to take on new clients or partners, by using our network we can help you minimise your risk. Here you will be able to build up your bank of trusted connections by either connecting as friends or start off by making a "coffee date" with those you don't know.

So let's get started.

1. Click on Xchange button on toolbar and it will take you to a landing page.



Here you can select Source, Sell or Browse

Let's start with sourcing someone to fulfil a job or project


2. Select Source and we will create a "job listing"

This screen simply outlines the steps you need to take. Once your job is created you will be contacted by other businesses. It is up to you to get to know them before you do business.

TIP: browse their profile page and review any information before you make contact

Then once connected you can choose to negotiate the price or trade for goods and services. This is entirely up to you, so if you have a lull in work you might be happy to negotiate the fee or if you need what the other person is offering you might choose to trade. Whatever you decide it is up to you and a deal is a deal.

Click on "create job now"

3. Complete your contact details and select how you want to do business: - Fixed fee, negotiate or trade.


4. Now select your Category from the comprehensive list available.

If we have missed one and there is nothing appropriate, then please tell us - email info@businessinheels.com


5. Select where you would like to do business Online, face to face or both.

If you select face to face then more boxes will appear so you can complete your locations. Please be accurate as this will drive our search function later.



6. Create your "job". The short description is the headline visible in the listing.

The Description is what will show up once you click on the listing.
Like many online sites you can select different fonts, upload an image, cut and paste.


7. You can add Keywords here that will help others find your listing

8. You can add a video, file or other photos here.
(NB You have an option to add more photos later too)

9. Now set your approximate budget.

This is important as one of the search functions is to search by price band ie. from $x to $y.

10. Services to trade. Here you can list some of the likely services that you are willing to trade.

TIP: Make sure you have more information on your profile page this will allow others to get to know a bit about you before they make contact.

11. Hit the submit Button



11. The next screen gives you options to add more photos or "invite friends"

This allows you to drive your listing to people you know might be interested. In this case I have selected someone I know to do the Cleaning Job but I am not sure if she will do it for the price I am asking. This way you can bounce a job past someone without having to have a direct conversation about money, then if she is interested she will contact you.

TIP: Use friends to get people engaged with your listing


12. Review your listing.

The Action button gives you a drop down that allows you to manage photos, send invitations and delete listing.

This is your full listing and it is here that others will be able to add reviews etc.


Now let's create an Advert


1. Back to the original landing page and select "sell" or pick "sell from the toolbar in listings



This landing page steps you through the simple process involved in transacting your adverts. Once posted you will be contacted by people wanting to buy. At which point it is up to you to sell for a fixed price, negotiate the price or trade goods and services.



2. Complete your details

3. Select how you would like to be paid: - Fixed Fee, Negotiable or Trade

4. Select your Category from the extensive list.

NB If we have missed something please do not hesitate to let us know at info@businessinheels.com



5. Select where you would like to do business online, Face to Face or both

If you select Face to Face you will get additional fields to complete with your address details that will be searchable on our Google maps.



6. Complete your listing.

The short description is your Headline make sure it stands out.


7. Complete the description field.

This is similar to most online platforms with font options, cut and paste options, ability to add in a picture.


8. There are more options below to add a file or a video.


9. Plus the very important "Buy Now " link which connects to your payment gateway on your website.

This allows you to transact whilst you sleep.


10. Hit Submit Now.


11. The next screen allows you to add additional photos

12. Now you can drive your advert by "inviting" you friends to like.

You can of course pick all or you can be selective it is up to you.

TIP: Put yourself in your friend's shoes and imagine how you will feel if you receive lots of invitations to listings.



13. Check your listing and make sure all your details are correct

14. Make the most of the Share function that is located at the bottom of the page.

This allows you to share your listing into your other social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


Now let's Browse Listings


1. By Listing

On the top left you can sort the listings by my listings, listing invites, friend's listings. Or you can bring up a Google map and put in your location and see what other listings are nearby


2. By Category

You can see second list on the left gives you all the categories once selected only the relevant listings will come up.


3. By Search Filter

On the right there is a search filter allowing you more advanced options like:

  • Price range

  • Specific location

  • By when - which relates to when a job needs to be done by



There is also a Google map function. You can see I put in my location as Geelong and now I can see the other listings nearby;


Click on the listing to get more information: - the seller, location and headline


Share, share, share


Now you are all set to bust down those barriers, grow your business across borders and take on the world.

This is the start of our journey too and we are sure we will need to improve things so please help us to make this a fabulous marketplace. We want it to be easy for you so any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Please share with us your stories good bad or indifferent. Write reviews and feel free to email us at info@businessinheels.com


Happy trading
from those in Heels,
Lisa & Jo