Here's what some of the Business in Heels members say about our network;


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"Business in Heels has not only given me access to both clients and resources that I would never have found otherwise - Jo and Lisa inspire me everyday to keep living big and working on developing myself and my business and I've achieved things I never thought possible. 

I've made some really great friends through Business in Heels and I look forward to seeing them all grow and succeed together."

Renae Scholte
CEO Elevation Business Success

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"Attending the online networking events with Business in Heels have been a lot of fun, informative and inspiring. 

I have met people from all over Australia and even Canada!  How amazing is it that we can just sit at home, with a glass of our favourite beverage, in our slippers and get to meet and work with so many inspiring women from all over the globe? 

I have learned much about others, their businesses and also the educational segment with a guest speaker is fantastic.  We get to go to a 'break out room online' and meet other amazing women and chat away. 

But not only that; we get to find out what others do, how they serve their clients and we learn how we can help others with their business.

This is a fantastic platform to expand our knowledge, share our wisdom, what we do, how we do it and really connect with like-minded, fun and inspiring women."

Bianca de Reus





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"Thank you for the great job you did presenting to our staff and sharing your learning for Women reaching their potential in the workplace.  

The session was informative and energetic, both Jo and Lisa were extremely knowledgeable and brought the session to life with lots of practical examples.

Feedback from our staff was positive, learning lots of really useful information and techniques, especially in regard to effective networking and how to have the confidence to recognise opportunities and pursue them.

Both Jo and Lisa were happy to answer any questions and really engage with their audience."

VicRoads Women in Networking - South West Region

Kimberley Adams
Traffic and Transport Engineer



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Technology is a wonderful thing! 

As a new member to Business In Heels it was a real pleasure to connect with new people across the big blue sea.  The format was wonderful and easy to navigate; the hardest part was getting to the computer for my 3 am start time (I am in Canada). 

Great educational and networking tips presented by a few of the resident experts and very supportive and collaborative break out sessions with 4 to 5 people to share what we do and how we can help each other.  Super positive comments and support. 

I look forward to our next event online! 

Terri Feltham
USA, Canada and Australia

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Thanks again for the opportunity to speak at BIH last month, it was the first time I’d told ‘my story’ like that publicly, so thank you for providing such a safe and nurturing platform for me to speak and share my experience with your women.  

The feedback I received on the night from your members was very supportive and encouraging with many of them noting how it was inspirational and they could apply much of what I spoke about to their own personal journeys.

You are building a great community of women, and it was privilege to be able to be your speaker,

Thank you so much again.

Yolande Hughes, Inspire Tribe Mentor and Coach

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I found my first Business in Heels experience very positive filled with great energy – and that venue was simply stunning!

I look forward to my next Business in Heels experience.

Melinda Ryan



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Had a great time at my very first BIH event last Thursday at Rydges hotel.

Met some lovely ladies and heard from a great speaker. Guest speaker, Natasha Vanzetti was fantastic. A girl to have on your side and learn from. 

Thank you also to Christina Sanchez for organising event in Canberra, Australia.

Maille Steele

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I love going to Business in Heels events.

There is something so compelling about women getting together to help each other in a non-threatening all supportive atmosphere.

I always leave feeling energised and reminded of my power as a woman.

Nathalie Gevinti

Leadership Behaviour Strategist | Author | Facilitator
Unlimited Mindset Solutions

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I just wanted to check in to thank you for your hard work in planning the event at the Rag & Famish last week, it was so valuable and I was really blown away by the energy in the room.

It was my first networking event representing my own business and was so comforted with how supportive everyone was.

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the next event!

Kathleen Rolfe KR Coaching




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If you’re not used to it, speaking to a room full of people can be daunting.  Especially when you have to speak about yourself.

But when I presented at Business in Heels (Bayside), it was fun. 

I was speaking to a room of like-minded business women who are all facing similar business & life challenges to me.  I could feel their support, just as I had willed my support to speakers in the past. 

Everyone there is interested in what you do, who you are and how they can help you.  It starts at the door, with a warm, friendly greeting and finishes when you walk out with a bright red goody bag full of gifts, ideas and connections.

Michele Mansfield
EquityVision Pty Ltd
Personalised Finance Solutions

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Thank you Lisa for inviting me to speak at BIH.

Its always a pleasure speaking at a BIH event because the businesses, the women and the interactions that it attracts speak volumes of the organisation and dedication that goes into bringing that level of womenpreneurs together!

Thank you.

Rita Joyan CEO
Honoured to be awarded 2015 Canberra's Young Business Woman of The Year
Moving you from Motivation To Transformation
Founder of the "Signature Speaking Success System™" - Signature Presentations That Sell
Founder of "The Dream Job BluePrint"

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Business in Heels started their networking events in Ballarat last year. Amazing crowd of passionate and friendly ladies is always found at this network.

Couple of months ago Jo and Ranae invited me to give a talk at one of their events. I am glad that I accepted one of their partnership options for the event.

Giving a talk gave me opportunity to explain my business in front of all the attendees, otherwise I would have got a chance to meet few people.

I also got a chance to... post on their Facebook page and put flyers in their goodie bags. After the talk I have few people contacting me and asking me about my services (potential clients!).

If you are looking for a platform to help flourish your business either by meeting new like minded ladies in a friendly environment or want to boost your business by speaking at the event, Business in Heels is a great platform!

Sadaf Khurram
CyberGenie Solutions



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I have presented on SMART Time Management at a number of Business In Heels events, and will continue to do so.

The events always attract a large crowd of talented, interesting and well connected women who want to learn, sociailise, share and network.

Business in Heels provides a relaxed environment for women to meet and do business the way we like to - over great conversation and a glass of wine.

Kate Christie
Time Stylers

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I met Lisa and Jo a few months ago and I was impressed with their professional nature and passion for their business. 

I was asked to present at the Business in Heels event in Geelong which was run smoothly and with lots of fun and flair. 

I drove out an hour and a half to the venue and was greeted kindly. The evening was fun, informal and the new connections I made invaluable. 

Thanks so much ladies and I look forward to many more events in the future.  

Natasa Denman
- The Ultimate 48 Hour Author

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Being an Event Partner at the Business in Heels Geelong event allowed me to share my message and generate leads for my business in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Being an Event Partner is like networking on steroids because you stand up at the front of the room, introduce yourself to every woman there, and get the chance to talk about something you're passionate about.

That way, the people in the room who are interested in what you have to offer will then come to you. Isn't that what we all want, new business that walks over to us and says hi?

Kiara Louchry
- Founder & Dream Event Weaver




I have been fortunate to be with Lisa and Jo since they commenced running this fantastic networking group for women on a global basis.  As a Corporate Annual Partner I have also seen the benefit the networking, marketing and recognition being associated with such an impressive organisations has given all of my businesses.  The events are professional, the assistance with ongoing marketing opportunities and the connections we have made are invaluable.  I will not be hesitating to continue this relationship into the future and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone business owner looking for a networking and marketing opportunities.

Renée Jovic CPA MAICD - Managing Accountant/Director