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At Business in Heels we love to help women in business grow and develop through connections ... think of them as professional friends. We provide a supportive & empowering environment where you can develop confidence. We help take the loneliness out of decision making and connect you with the resources you may not have in your own business, thereby simplifying your road to success. We work to offer you a range of opportunities, resources and choice that can help you in all facets of your business.

Today your network is your key tool in helping you grow.

We offer authentic ways to network, either locally or virtually at events. It is easy to mix and mingle. We encourage you to share problems and ask for help , you will be amazed at what you will receive in return.

As well as offering face to face networking we have our website where we can guarantee you will expand your network.

Our Online marketplace Xchange now gives you a practical solution to growing your business beyond your locality. Join ‘000s of other women in promoting their business, sourcing support for a job they need done or trading with their trusted network.

Today with the internet there are few barriers to where you can do business, we encourage you to make the most of both the local and global opportunities we can offer you. If you need to grow your digital footprint we can help you grow your business through promotion, either locally of globally.

Ultimately we are working to create a global market place where entrepreneurs and business women can succeed with equality.



Jo Plummer

Jo Plummer


Too many women in business doubt themselves. They watch quietly as others get the promotion, the acknowledgement and the opportunities and wonder silently, “why didn’t that happen to me?” Well stop wondering silently and watching quietly because……people who take action get noticed!

It’s very simple - energetic people get things done. So steer yourself away from your passive ‘I’m-getting-nowhere’ strategy of career advancement or business development and stir things up a little by doing something!

Listen as Jo taps into her 30 odd years of experience in senior positions and explains how to recognise opportunities, and then act to secure them.

Learn how to recognise and overcome the unconscious biases in others that may be inhibiting your career.

Grow as you develop your personal network and come to understand the power of positive relationships.

Jo has founded her career on taking action. Having held senior managerial positions across a number corporate giants, and now as Executive Director of her own multi-national company, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Her experience has led her to one simple conclusion - Actions get Results

Co-author of The Heel to Toe of Networking, and a self proclaimed Equalist and Change Agent.

Jo educates, entertains and inspires on the following topics…

Unconscious Bias and the destructive role it plays in minimising gender equality.

Gender equality and pay parity…..Just the facts!

The Heel to Toe of Networking…..Why it’s important to YOU and top tips to doing it well

Women in Leadership – Two country chicks share their stories from to Basement to Board room!

Men in Leadership – A journey to decision making gender parity and increased profitability


Lisa Sweeney

Lisa Sweeney


A professional or business rut eats into every aspect of your life. Your marriage, your family and social outings lose their pizzazz because you’re pre-occupied with the stale and going-nowhere job or business that you held such high hopes for. In fact, the only relationship which improves when you’re in a rut is with your dentist because you’re grinding your teeth so much! Stop! Get Out of Your Rut!

Listen as Lisa draws on her 30 years of senior management experience and explains how to maximise your professional and entrepreneurial impact.

Learn how to convert the acquaintances around you into your own dynamic marketing team and leverage their impact.

Be transformed by the power of simplicity and being goal focussed and hear how to maximise that most undervalued of all business traits – femininity!

Lisa has held various senior roles with Target, Spotlight and Best and Less. The wealth of experience she gained in those corporations is now enabling her to network her way around the globe with Business in Heels. On a daily basis she connects with women who are giving it a red hot crack and changing their worlds. Their stories have left her with one simple piece of advice – "Be the Next One to Give it a Red Hot Go!"

Co-author of The Heel to Toe of Networking, Lisa Sweeney educates, entertains and inspires on the following topics…

Networking made Easy – Effective networking is simply helping people.

Women in Leadership – Why equality will take your business into the next century.

Women in Leadership – Why authenticity is critical for achieving your goals.

Women in Leadership – 5 things to avoid on your journey to success.

Get Your Team Working – Creating the winning edge.

My journey to success - A road less travelled.



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Creating a global market place where women in business can succeed with equality

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