Diamond Members

, Owner/Guide
Wine & Food Lovers' Tours
We offer the most relaxed winery tours in Victoria. Professional, excellent customer service and sparkling conversation. We take the pain away from you as we are your driver for the day!
Patsy Scales
Focus on Balance
I empower women in business to lead strongly and with integrity from within, by helping them to create clever and powerful strategies to live passionately whilst their business grows exponentially. Th...
Ruth Stuettgen
, Motivational Keynote Speaker | Award Win
The Sports Injury Clinic
I help business owners and business teams to unlock the health issues in their workplaces to achieve forward momentum and business growth.
Pippa Hanson
Brittany Chard Photography
I help brand new parents capture the love they have for their babies before they grow up and those tiny little fingers arnt so tiny anymore! So they can treasure the memories forever!
Brittany Chard
, Principal
Cape Forest Conveyancing
Buying or selling a home can be a very difficult time. I help home-buyers and -sellers by making their property transactions quick, affordable, pain-free and most importantly, personal. This means the...
Tania Lim
, Co-Founder
The Garden - Mind Body Business
The Garden is perfect for individuals who have an interest in working in a collaborative community environment to start or grow your business. We have a cooperative culture where practitioners can flo...
Emily Jones
, Chartered Accountant
Direct Approach Accounting Solutions
I am passionate about providing quality accounting service and solid taxation advice to small business owners. We offer fixed price packages, flexible service delivery and cloud based solutions to ...
Aleda Clarke
, Colour Designer
HRA Paintworks
I help residential & commercial clients to use colour to transform their spaces, homes, businesses & lives.
Rebecca Abbey
Ferment Frenzy
I help health conscious people improve their health, digestion and vitality with a range of slow fermented and cultured foods.
Robyn Wight