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Unstoppable Freedom is following your deepest passions without limits in your business. Often this ideal is easier said than done, with daily constraints squeezing out our potential for business expansion. It's one thing to know what we want in business, but it's another thing entirely to know how to get there. For us to enjoy the benefits of exponential business growth, we need a daily plan. We need to know the practical steps that will offer sustainable pathways to more lucrative outcomes. Through Kerry Anne's talk you will learn how to:

1. Stop wasting time on work that doesn't work
2. Target business growth strategies that give you the biggest bang for your buck
3. Make more time and money from your time and money

About the Speaker:

On the 28th May 2014 Kerry Anne Nelson arrived home from working in her family business to find her husband had passed away unexpectedly in their home. The very next day Kerry Anne realised that everything boiled down to one question: “Do I let my passion die with him, or do I follow it with everything I have?” Since then Kerry Anne has invested everything into her mission. She ended up restructuring and then selling that family business to make space for her newfound purpose. These days, Kerry Anne is a business process genius who uses speaking, writing and events to communicate her defining commitment. Kerry Anne Nelson helps entrepreneurs find and follow their passion. Her years of experience in business management, education, events and team leadership have set Kerry Anne up for wins that seem almost instant in developing business growth systems.

The Handwriting has Changed at our Signature Events!

Now with an emphasis on personal marketing, education and accelerating the growth of meaningful connections our events are even more of a focal point for serious businesswomen. Yes, the bubbles, canapes and fun are still there! However, we are responding to your feedback and making a couple of additions.

Now at every Business in Heels event there are opportunities to –

Introduce yourself and your business to all present,

Learn from the regular education sessions provided by your Branch Director,

Book in Coffee Dates with other attendees.

These will change the way you think about your business.

So come along and we’ll meet you there!

Don't forget to wear your prettiest heels, there is always the "Best Heels“ prize as well!

GUEST SPEAKER: Kerry Anne Nelson

DATE: Monday 12th February

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM

TICKETS: $49 members $69 Non Members. Become a member today at its Free to join. Diamond Members 3 for 2 $98 Remember to bring business cards to be able to win a door prize.

VENUE: Bell Tower Inn, 1845 Sturt St, Ballarat VIC 3350, Australia


Price : 69 AUD



Start Time: Monday, 12 Feb 2018, 6:00 pm
End Time: Monday, 12 Feb 2018, 8:00 pm


Location/Venue: Bell Tower Inn
Country: Victoria,  Australia
Address: 1845 Sturt St
City: Ballarat
Zip/Postal Code: 3350