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Can't get to a networking event?

No problem, Click your heels! Click your mouse! instead

Many business women can’t leave home in the evenings. That doesn’t mean you can't join us for an informal evening of fun and networking. Instead, you can stay home, get on-line, put your lippy on, pour yourself a flute of bubbles, have your favourite nibbles to hand and wear your heels or slippers while chatting to like-minded solopreneurs at our....

Online networking event using ZOOM web-conferencing software.

Don’t worry if you haven’t used it before we will send you the link before the event.

Participate in online networking in groups of 3-4 on three separate occasions throughout the evening. Remember, at Business in Heels we’re all about – Having Fun with Purpose. And, between you and us, we’re encouraging slippers for this one!

OUR GUEST SPEAKER is Angella Johnson – Profit Igniter & Marketing Strategist

Angella Johnson is a champion of liberating people from the marketing traps that visionary entrepreneurs often find themselves in. Too often people are on the verge of burnout, not making money, or recovering from burnout - only to realize that another formula isn’t going to fix the real problem.

Angella’s unique blend of solid strategy and deep intuition come together when she teaches her Intuitive Marketing Method™, which restores self trust and confidence and produces tangible results.

As an international speaker and coach, and international best-selling author, Angella empowers people to be their own guru. Having gone from losing $40,000 on her first live event and collapsing her business in 2012 because of her own burnout, she has forged her own path and built a growing multiple 6-figure business while taking weeks off at a time and taking most Mondays off.

You can get free trainings and connect with Angella at

Angella will be speaking at our event on the topic of:

Intuitive Marketing™ for Entrepreneurs

Ditch the Hustle and Hype and Increase Your Confidence and Profitability

If all of the formulas worked, everyone would be making a lot more money in their businesses - AND - be a lot happier right?

So what’s the problem? With all of the resources, programs, formulas, and marketing promises out there, why do people get stuck around making more money in their business? Or get burned out making it all work?

Here’s the truth: you can follow the formula, or you can follow your truth. What if the gurus and experts don’t know the best way for YOU to build your unique business? What if you knew a lot more than you have given yourself credit for, but just had no way to access your Soul Marketing Plan™?

Angella Johnson bridges the gap between solid strategy and intuition in a clear, practical, and effective way so people are liberated in their marketing without the hype or hustle.

In this presentation you will learn:

The truth about why some marketing works and some doesn’t and why if you’ve struggled with your marketing in the past, how to change things around with a few tiny adjustments.

How aligning your marketing directly changes your money mindset and you won’t sabotage your money anymore.

How to ease that pit in your stomach when you think about words like “marketing” or “launch” so you increase your confidence in sharing your business with the world.

What your Marketing Archetype™ is and how to use it to create more ease and profitability in your business.

DATE: Thursday 2nd February 2017

TIME: 7pm-9pm (AEST) - QLD / 8pm-10pm (AEDT) – NSW/VIC/TAS

TICKETS PRICE: Members $20 (Join free at

VENUE: Online using Zoom (free software) – from the comfort of your sofa

Branch Director - Global Online: Claire Hubbert
+61(0) 414 972 011

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Price : 20 AUD



Start Time: Thursday, 2 Feb 2017, 7:00 pm
End Time: Thursday, 2 Feb 2017, 9:00 pm


Location/Venue: Online - ZOOM Webconference
Country: Queensland,  Australia